Engagement Photo Sesh

In spite of Valentine’s Day, I thought thought this would be good week to share our engagement photos! Honestly, not to sound annoying but they seriously turned out SO FREAKING GOOD. Neither of us knew what we were doing, we aren’t models, so thank goodness for our photographer Aubrey Moffit. I had two outfit choices, so I had to think very strategic. I wanted to get a good variety of different styles, poses, and landscapes given that one hour of time. I am beyond happy about these photos and the amazing edits done by our photographer! How am I supposed to choose ONE picture for our save the dates?!

We took our photos at Thomas F. Riley Wilderness Park in Coto De Caza. There was so much variety there to get the best shot! From mountain views, hill paths, cacti, large trees, and plain fields, this place has it all. WIt’s definitely been a dry seasons, so the flowers weren’t bloomed, and it was very bland and dead. That’s kinda the look I was going for though, so that the photos would turn out very light and neutral. These photos wouldn’t have been as magical without this amazing team that helped make it all happen! And of course our friend/photographer who makes MAGIC happen. (BOOK THEM ALL!!)

Photographer: Aubrey Moffit - Natural Light Photographer
Instagram: @aubreymoffitphoto
Email: aubreymoffitphoto@gmail.com
Hair Artist: Taylor Diaz - Balayage & Beachy Hair Specialist
Stylist at Salon Soma | Long Beach, CA
Instagram: @taydiazdoeshair
Makeup Artist: Sydney Ross - Revolt Society 
Instagram: @sydneyrossbeauty
Website: revoltsociety.com/sydney
Floral Bouquet: Mackenzie Myers - Rooted and Wild Co.
Instagram: @rootedandwildco
Website: rootedandwildco.com

Also, for those asking about my dresses…

-Nude Mesh Dress: “Orchid Maxi Dress” by For Love and Lemons. This dress is an older style, so it’s REALLY hard to find. I got mine off Poshmark! If I find it again, I promise to link!

-All Lace Bell Sleeved White Dress: Principessa Boutique Venice Beach, CA.





aaaand the photo we chose for the SAVE THE DATES! We used Minted Weddings.




2 thoughts on “Engagement Photo Sesh

  1. YOU LOOK LIKE PERFECTION!! I’m so happy congratulations gorgeous girl!! 💖 I hope you don’t mind if I post on my Instagram and give everyone credit!


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