Go-To Tumbler & Straws

I have officially converted over to using tumblrs & non-plastic straws for my daily drinks! With the amount of drinks I made to-go, I probably have used hundreds and hundreds of plastic cups and straws. I know, so bad for the environment, but I finally put a stop to it. My friends would tell me ALL the time to buy a tumblr, literally to a point to where they were buying them for me. I think what made me still resort to my plastic to-go cups was that I just wasn’t a fan of the tumblrs I had. (Thank you everyone who got me one, I’m just a picky as %$!@)

I finally found a brand that I am SO obsessed with, and I haven’t used a plastic cup since. I discovered Simple ModernThey don’t just sell tumblrs either, they have canteens, wine cups, flasks, etc. One thing I love about this brand, is that they donate 10% of their profit to non-profit charitable institutions that demonstrate a commitment to positive societal environmental improvement.  I have been using a hydro flask for a few years, and I will say the ice melts within an hour for the most part. My drink stays cool, but ice is gone. I love my ice, and I love my drinks “ice” cold. My simple modern cup literally has my ice from 9am until I get home from work which is like 5:30pm. I was shocked, and V impressed! So basically I plan to own every single item they have and swap out my hydro flasks.

I purchased mine off amazon, and got the 16oz pint Tumblr. It’s so cute, and the rose gold is GORG! It doesn’t look like that cheap painted rose gold, if you know what I mean. The tumblr I purchased is a stainless steel hydro thermos cup with vacuum insulation. The vacuum insulation is what really keeps my drink “ice” cold. It also came with a flip lid feature so that I can have a hot drink as well. So one lid is meant for cold drinks with a straw insert, and the other is for hot drinks with the flip lid closure. It also came with 2 reusable straws!

Now, for the straw portion that I had lots of Q’s for, I purchased them from Anthropologie & Amazon. I use both stainless steel straws, and glass straws. I know some people prefer one over the other, but they feel the same to me! The rose gold stainless steel straws are from Anthropologie. LOVE THEM. They’re pretty heavy duty, and the color has not faded one bit. The glass straws are from Amazon, and I love that you can choose the styles you want. (All straight or bent, half and half)

Kitchen Appliances

Hopefully I answered all your questions with the Tumblr and straw conversion! I don’t see my self resorting back to plastic ever again! I love knowing I’m being a better human to the environment, having cuter drink cups/straws, and most importantly having my drink stay the temperature I want ALL DAY! If you get any of these products, leave our comments below! Tell me what others I need to try!!


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