BABY HEAVIN…September 2019

Our biggest secret is out!!! It’s been so hard keeping it in these last two months, and hiding so much of what has been a very exciting part of our lives. I honestly can’t believe that I kept it in for so long, and truthfully I could have kept it going. We didn’t plan to publicly announce until the end of the month, but Matt said it’s happening this weekend, so boom here it is! 

 I found out I was pregnant on January 9th. I was at work and just knew something was up, I’m never late. I had one of my best friends bring a pregnancy test to work, at 11am, so clearly I was anxious as I still had a full 8 hours of work ahead of me. It was the first pregnancy test I have ever taken, so when that stick said I was pregnant, I thought it was fake. In my head I thought a lot of these went wrong wrong, I was in so much shock. Maddie looked at it for me because I was too scared. She looked up at me and said, “Deanna you’re pregnant, holy shit your pregnant!!!” I had SO many emotions run through me. We had been trying for a few months, and I began to get used to it just not happening. So when this happened I couldn’t process it, I was freaking out. We checked the box and everything multiple times to make sure this wasn’t a complete mix up. After both of us bawling our eyes out (happy tears), I had to get my shit together and go back to work. I managed a clothing store (Elison Rd.) at the time, and I was training my replacement manager so I really needed to get a grip. I must say, that was the hardest day ever. I wanted to leave and tell Matt so bad, go cry of happiness, and just soak it in, but the reality was, I took the damn test at work in the morning right when I got there so I had to keep it together. On my break I told my cousin Peyton, and we too the second test JUST to make sure! Like I said, I hadn’t taken one ever before so I was just in complete WTF mode. When she flipped that test over and it showed positive again, that’s when it officially hit me. I was going to have the little angel I’ve always wanted. It was quite a moment, something I will never forget. 

That same night Matt and I were going to the Laker game, it was his birthday gift from his dad, so I kinda planned my way of telling him based off the idea that we were celebrating his birthday. While I was at work, Peyton made cupcakes and arranged the frosting to be blue and pink. So we placed them in a Sweet Jill’s box and I taped both of the pregnancy test to the upper part inside the box. Looking back, that was so gross of me to do right above the cupcakes. When I gave the desert box to Matt to start the night off with some “birthday treats” he opened the surpassed box that literally changed his life haha. Right before opening it, we were arguing because he was on his “New Years diet, and he didn’t want any sweets,” so after lots of “just open the damn box!” he finally saw why I was really annoying about it haha. He was so surprised because he didn’t know what they were at first haha, like I said, I’ve never take one. He still says to this day that he kind of already knew I was, so it was his moment of HELL YEAH I’M RIGHT. Typical Matt. But he was so excited, couldn’t believe it still, and it was the best night that officially changed our lives forever.

We are so excited to share with you all this new chapter of our lives. I am officially 15 weeks today, (March 17, 2019). The baby’s due date is September 7, 2019. We’ve had 3 ultrasounds so far, and our baby is very healthy! The last ultrasound baby was moving around SO much, and had grown so much too! Each month it’s so crazy how much they grow. I heard the heart beat as well, and that was the craziest ever. It’s been a whirlwind of emotions, and so much preparation and lifestyle changes that have been going on lately. But we are definitely riding this journey together and having so much fun with this. We have both wanted to have kids for YEARS, so now that it’s finally here we couldn’t be more excited. 

This is obviously our first, so we are learning everything about being parents. We both have a lot of experience with kids, and we have babysat a lot together. BUT, nothing has truly prepared us for this. We know we have a lot to learn, and to learn about ourselves as future parents as well. These last couple of months have already taught us so much, and I couldn’t respect or love Matt more than I do. He is going to be the best father ever, and our baby is so lucky to have him as their dad. We both love this little baby so much already! This year we will be a family of three!


The Heavin Crew

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