Lancôme Lashes

The final touch to perfecting your makeup is mascara! For years I have been trying to find the right mascara that can do it all, lengthen and volume. As much as I wish I can say that there is ONE mascara that takes care of the job, I cannot. BUT, there is one brand that has all the perfect mascara options that DO do it all! One of my favorite cosmetics brand, Lancôme has all of the perfect mascaras that meet my needs.

I will admit my mascara routine is a bit excessive, sorry about it. I usually combine 2 mascaras if I’m going out because I love the thick voluminous look. I don’t wear too much makeup for the most part, so the eyes are most important!


Cils Booster $23 // Hypnose Drama $39 // Monsieur $35
Grandiose $24 // Definicils $30

  • Lancôme Cils BoosterLASH GAME CHANGER. If you don’t really have long / thick lashes, you need this primer to do the job. This literally changes everything and makes your mascara really sit on the lashes and giving it a bolder appearance. It doesn’t feel any heavier, so don’t worry about that!
  • Hypnos Drama Volume Mascara: This is a good mascara to add volume. I preferably don’t like to use it alone because it doesn’t lengthen my lashes as much as I prefer. So I use the Defincils mascara first, then apply this on top.
  • Monsieur Big Volume Mascara: MY ALL TIME NEW FAVORITE. This is heavenly. I think it does the job pretty damn well all by itself, after a primer coat. The only thing is it’s SUPER thick so the brush is too much for my bottom lashes. I use this only on the top!
  • Grandiose: I love the brush to this one so much. It’s funky, but it darkens my bottom lashes so well! I typically use this one as the second coat of mascara for my bottom lashes. Defincils mascara first, then this on top to thicken!
  • Definicils High Definition: I grew up using this one, and I still love it. It’s my lightest mascara and really takes care of the lengthening aspect. I have used this after my primer and then all the other mascaras from above on top of Defincils mascara. If you only need length, this is a GREAT one!

Each of these mascaras I live by and swear they are amazing. My lashes would definitely not look the way they do without them! I hope you get your hands on my collection and feel the same way. Get on your lash game babes! Stay tuned for more makeup products I love!



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