A bit of me

Donut aficionado | Plant lover | Enthused by Travel

Deanna Heavin is a SoCal native who grew up and still resides in Long Beach, California. This is an invite to follow along her journey as a full-time blogger + content creator. Before pursing her blog, Deanna Page, she worked managing 9-5, five days a week. She has always had a passion for creating and being involved in hands on projects. So this blog is her outlet to let all her inspirations come to life.

Deanna hopes her blog provides insight to a casual but fun lifestyle. She wants her experiences to become some type of inspiration for you, or have it somehow help out in any unanswered questions in your lives.

Besides blogging and creating content, Deanna has a side business called KYSS Bracelets. This keeps her constantly hustling. She started this during her college years as her first creative outlet, and something she was able to say she owned.

She is the vision and sole creator behind Deanna Page, and loves hearing from you all! If there is ever any questions, something you want to chat about, or just meet, feel free to reach out. Deanna loves meeting new people, you are her inspirations! Shoot over an email, don’t ever hesitate.




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