Cozy Cute: WFH Style

Hi guys! I hope you are all taking care and finding your way through this hectic time. I never thought I would be involved in a pandemic in my lifetime, but here we are! I have so many thoughts on what is going on, but for now, I am here to help you babes feel cozy and cute at home. Shedding some light on comfortable, affordable pieces to wear while being quarantined at home! After a week of living in Pj’s, not getting ready, I needed to get it together and feel some what alive again at home. So here are some cute styles I currently live in, and help me feel not so slob like these days while being at home.

I will be breaking this blog post down by four stores. I love all of these stores and purchase things from them all the time. They are all still shipping out during this time too! Now here is how you quarantine in style.

Other stores I really enjoy shopping from that sell CUTE and comfy pieces are from these Small businesses, so def support them and check them out too!

  1. Starlow
  2. Petal and Pup
  3. Elison Rd.
  4. Stevie Sister
  5. Shop J Bee

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