February Faves

Hello again! I’m back to share another round of my monthly go-to’s with you. Everything this month I would say is a ride or die thing in my life. I feel like once you see the list, you will 100% agree and it’s something you see on my IG stories almost everyday. Like I said, I’m not here to just throw random links at you. I am here to share what I truly love and use religiously because it serves some type of purpose in my life, in hopes that it does the same for you! Or if you are questioning a product, I hope I can give you some clarity on that!

Happy Shopping!

  1. Briogeo Scalp Revival Shampoo: I have gone threw tubs of this stuff because I think it’s a game changer if you have an itchy scalp. I have eczema and sometimes it’s on my scalp, and this product helps relieve the itch!!
  2. Gorjana Chain Bracelet: My newest golden edition to my arm party! I love this chunky statement piece.
  3. Matisse Caty Bootie: This bootie is so flattering!! I have it in cream as well. For short gals, this really makes those legs look longer. They are also sooo comfy.
  4. Facial Cleanser: I have used this for years!! If you are using any products (oils, toners, serums, etc.) and you are not doing a deep clean, then there’s no point in putting product to your face because it’s not absorbing into the skin!!
  5. Bliss Watermelon Sleeping Mask: This mask is a new go-to. It’s a jelly like, super lightweight mask that gives your face a nice soft glow the next morning.
  6. Facial Steamer: This gadget is my new best friend. Personally, I use it during “me time” when I get a chance to relax. I don’t know how I ever relaxed without one! THEY ARE AMAZING.
  7. Dried Floral: Who wants to maintenance plants? No one. Dried floral is the only floral I have in my house now.
  8. Wall Basket Decor: If you are looking to switch up a wall in your home, I think this design is such a great idea!
  9. Ceramic Vase: Another great decor piece. This one is so beautiful!
  10. Blender: I don’t own this one, and I couldn’t find the link to my actual blender because it’s so old, but this would be my new blender preference. I love that it comes with so many different size cups!
  11. Glass Straws: Help our environment and get yourself these aesthetically pleasing glass straws. It comes with a brush cleaner too 🙂
  12. Simple Modern Tumbler: I can’t live without these. If you want a tumbler that actually keeps your ice frozen, or your drink hot all day, I SWEAR BY THIS ONE. This brand is the best.
  13. Wild Fable Tye Dye Tee: I love that the tie dye trend is here to stay!! Go-to tees everyday.
  14. Z Supply Tie Dye Sweat Set: Everyone loves a good loungewear set. This one is my current favorite. Shorts Link \\ Sweater Link
  15. Target Room Spray: Looking for a room spray that smells amazing and also looks cute AF? This one is your new display piece.
  16. Emu House Slippers: I got these for Christmas, and they sit at my bedside every night until they are back on my feet the next day. I have always been a house slipper gal, I love being extra cozy!

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