Taking 1 Jean, Into 3 Seasons

Yes you read that right, 1 PAIR of DENIM, styled differently to wear through THREE SEASONS! I only like to purchase denim that I know I will wear throughout the year, nothing seasonal. It has to have the right fit, comfort, and cut so that it can be worn throughout the year and match with all my outfits. I truly do not think anyone needs to own a million different pairs of jeans, just a few that are timeless. In this post, I will be showing you how I took Just Black Denim: The Summer Kick Flare jeans through Summer and into Fall + Winter!

Before we begin, I want to chat a bit about the brand. I have been wearing this line for YEARS! I remember the first time I tried a pair on, it was a total game changer in my denim game. I am short 5’3, have a sporty build, shorter legs, long torso, etc. I have always had a hard time finding jeans that fit my body right, but this company always does the job. They have an awesome selection, and have some that are made for shorter gals, like myself! It’s the BEST.

So, how do we style one pair of jeans through Summer to Winter? Let me show you! The Summer Kick Flare jeans are SO SO stretchy! This fit looks so great with your go-to Summer crops! This is a style top I wear nonstop throughout Summer, and they pair so well with the jeans. It is a very effortless look, but flatter that Summer bod you have been working on for so long. I paired it with a pink boater hat, and my favorite platform shoes to complete the look. It also looks great with sandals for the ultimate Summer ootd.

Going into Fall now, these jeans are going to continue to be my best friend! You want to feel cozy in your denim through the Fall right? This pair is buttery soft, and has the best stretch. It is also the perfect shade of blue, so it pairs so well with your cozy knit sweaters! I styled this by cuffing the denim and wearing it with my favorite oversized sweater and did a front tuck to show the waistline. I paired a tan fedora hat, black sunnies, and the same platforms shoes! I wish I owned some Doc Martens has I feel this would be really cute with this jean for the Fall.

And lastly, how to wear this through Winter! I love Winter, so putting this outfit together was a no brainer! I was in between going with knee high boots or some cute heeled booties. So with this outfit, you can definitely could have thrown your favorite knee high or OTK boots! I just went with the leopard short booties cause I was feeling fun and spunky! I also wanted to show what a heel would look like with these, and my leopard boots had a cute one to show. I styled it with a duster that went mid calf so that you can still see the length and frayed edges of the denim. Threw on a beret, a long sleeve fitted top, a cute bag, and my booties. I live for bold outfits like this. Layering is my favorite, so take a leather jacket to stay even warmer and this outfit just went to a Winter date night!!

So that is how I styled ONE pair of jeans, into THREE different seasons! If you thought that was impossible, I hope my tips helped you out! These jeans are seriously the comfiest pair I think I own. The stretch is what I love the most. I feel like I can run a marathon in them!! It’s amazing. Make these your newest purchase!

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