What’s In My Cart: CB2 and Crate and Barrel

Hello hello! A couple weeks ago you may have seen me redoing all my shelves in the house. Well, that is still continuing on! I am still rearranging on the reg, and moving everything around. Normally I would be at Homegoods to find all the shelf treasures, but obviously that’s not an option. I have been scrolling through so many websites, and lately CB2 + Crate and Barrel have been meeting my every need. From kitchenware, outdoor decor, and great fillers for my shelves! One thing I really love is how some of their kitchen bowls can be used around the house for other things. They have little pinch bowls, that work AMAZING for a jewelry dish or side table decor. The drinkware glasses are also so good! My famous edged wine glass is from Crate and Barrel, and those are still to date my favorite glasses. We are beginning to replace some of our tableware and plate + bowl sets, and I am loving what we have picked! While you’re scrolling threw their website, make sure to check out the Leanne Ford Collection, because it’s to die for.

Here is a list of pieces that I either have recently purchased, or it’s in the cart! I will separate it in sections for you!

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