Why we Love YUMI!

We got word from our doctor that Brooks’ should start eating some foods at 4 moths old. Feeding your baby for the first time seems so exciting, which yes it is, but also really nerve wracking. I did a lot of research and ask my fellow mama friends some advice on baby foods. There are SO many options out there, and so many new companies who do home delivery subscriptions. I really wanted to have fresh foods for Brooks, but wasn’t super into making them myself. I also wanted to have a delivery / subscription service that was easy to manage. After ton of research, we decided to try out YUMI! We started Brooks out on it around 5 months old, and have been using it since!

One thing I love about YUMI is the fresh purees they offer for babies. They set it up in different stages- Stage 1: Single Ingredients. Stage 2: Blends of foods. Stage 3: Multi-Ingredient Chunky Purees. Then later they also have different finger foods you can order! In stage 1: Brooks was testing out all of these different foods and expanding his taste palette. I loved that he was introduced to different unique foods that I never would think to have him try, for example, dragonfruit. He loved it too! So right off the bat, he was trying out all different fruits and veggies. I have hopes this is going to allow him to be a good eater growing up, and wanting to try all the foods, and not be so picky! I mean I want some sushi dates with him ASAP haha.

Another thing I love so much about YUMI is how easy the subscription is to manage. I have definitely had my fair shares of horrid subscriptions where you can’t get out, and it gets super overwhelming. With YUMI, you create an account, and pick your plan. Then you have the option to edit your box and what you want inside of it. If you ever need to cancel the box, all you do is hit skip! It’s too easy. Set your delivery date, and they will drop it off at your doorstep!

Lastly, I love that you can freeze them to help stay fresh! You can leave in the fridge for up to 2 weeks, or put them in the freezer. Our system is: Receive the box, pick out 4 to leave in fridge, put the rest in freezer. Then as one jar goes away, replace it. Brooks’ doesn’t eat 8 jars a week, so we always have a little extra. It’s the perfect amount though because he is definitely starting to eat an entire jar a feeding!

If you are looking to try out fresh organic baby foods for you little ones, I can’t rave about YUMI enough. I literally get excited when his box comes to see all the foods. I have tried all of of them and they’re on point. Brooks is loving it so far, and definitely has his favorites! #doitforthebabes

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