How I Balance Work + Mom Life

Hey guys! And if I have any mama’s reading this, happy early Mother’s day!! I find so much joy in saying that this week because I will be celebrating my first Mother’s Day and I am so excited. Even though it’s during this damn Pandemic. It’s going to be a beautiful weekend, so at least we have the sun! So let’s get into this post. I get asked all the time, how do I balance everything? I feel like over this quarantine I have gotten even more of a grasp on balancing it all and working from home. It has taken me almost a year now to get the groove and snap back into it. I found a lot of inspiration from other bloggers on IG: Sivan Ayla, Kristen Leanne, Ashlyn Wilson, Amber Lancaster, Aspyn Ovard, and so many others!! Since my job isn’t your typical everyday job, I needed to find some advice and inspo from ladies who generally do the same thing as I do, and all of them do but at a MUCH greater scale! So hands down to these mamas.

It’s a very difficult thing to do, finding your groove and adjusting to motherhood all at the same time. You also know when you’re ready to jump back into work. There were a couple times where I was in positions where I had to do somethings and I just WAS NOT feeling it. And if you are that unmotivated to do it, don’t do it! Enjoy those first months of motherhood, YOU DESERVE IT. And if you force yourself and are unhappy, it will also probably reflect in your work. So just don’t get down on yourself, wait until the time is right. I didn’t start working until about month 3. I took it easy at the beginning too and only worked a few days a week for a couple hours, just to start getting organized again and also you have to get used to being away from your baby. That’s a huge step and can be super difficult. But for me, I am a very creative hands on person and I was itching at month 3 to start working again.

So I had (not now due to COVID-19) a babysitter 4-5 days a week right before this all started. I had a schedule down, and it was the same every week. Which was one thing I loved because I love routine schedules, just makes life so much easier! If I didn’t have any babysitters, my work would be impossible. The key to balancing it all is having a schedule. So 2 days a week I was normally shooting, and the rest would be working from home on KYSS, editing, and the blog. I would dedicate a day to each task and write it in my planner so I knew what the next work day would look like. I would try to fill in my weekly schedule on Friday’s for the upcoming week as much as possible and have it all finished before the weekend so I can dedicate that time to my family only. Remember my job entails posting on instagram daily, for myself and accounts that I run, so I’m never really off work ever. But if I can limit my time as much as possible by being organized and getting work done on time, then my weekend work is finished very quickly.

Another tactic is to dedicate time slots for your work. I found that super helpful! It kinda pushed me to not get side tracked so that I can finish my work on time and move on to the next task. If I didn’t finish something, and it was going to take over 10 minutes, I would schedule it to finish the next day, unless I had time after the rest of my work that day was complete! One thing I don’t mind doing is waking up and doing my emails first thing, not all but easy ones, while drinking my coffee! It kinda wakes my brain up, so it’s a win win. Then I’ll go and do my morning routine with Brooks!

It’s super easy to work from home and lose track of what you were doing. I found myself spending a lot of time cleaning my house and knew I needed to cut that ASAP. I had to treat my home as an office I would be going to and couldn’t clean my house if I wanted to haha. I would set aside time each day to pick up around the house and do all those things. So that is why I have a home office. It’s a place that makes me inspired to work, and keeps me away from anything insight around the house that I would get distracted on. I take my lunch breaks in the living room or outside and what not, but I keep everything I need in there! The only problem I have is that it also becomes my little closet hole and when it’s overly messy, I cannot work in there. So now I try to pick up as much as possible right away.

Now where does Brooks fit in with all of this? I worked 10am-4pm pre-quarantine. So Brooks was always with one of his amazing Grandmas. I mentioned before I have a morning routine with him, and once I pick him up from work, it’s mommy time! So obviously I am not working and watching Brooks together at once. But to stay organized with the two lives, set a schedule for both and make it routine to make it easier on you. Of course this sounds so easy, but I know all the little hiccups in between that can happen with having a baby. So I try my best to stay on top of it, but things do pop up all the time and I have just learned how to roll with the punches. That is something that is different for everyone, and you do need to find your way on that. As I am typing this, Brooks just woke up fro this nap and pulled something off the wall! So BRB while I go situate that.

Fixed that problem, and finishing this post while he plays! Jumping into quarantine schedule now. So at first work seemed IMPOSSIBLE. But with things slowing down a bit, my work load isn’t AS heavy. I am no longer leaving for meetings, going places to shoot, etc. Brooks and I have been home together since middle of March, and I work while he naps. I pretty much got him on an amazing sleeping schedule and he naps for I kid you not 3-4 hours. I know I am super lucky on that one, but it was weeks in training for that one. But now I get at least 3 hours of undisturbed work time and it’s HEAVENLY. My husband still works until 2pm at least everyday so I had to find my way over here and setting a nap time was the way to go! Then when Matt is home, we do family time and usually go outside and then have dinner. Brooks goes to sleep at 7:30pm every night. That gives us room to either have a late dinner without him and pretend its date night haha, watch a movie, or if we have some work that needs to be finished we can do that too. But also having Brooks go to sleep earlier allotted me some more work or “me time.”

Besides work + mama life, I do hope you are all taking some dedicate time for yourself! I love love love my me time so much. Do something that will clear the mind and relax. I love self care, and I use my “me” time to play with all of my face products. I hope this post helped guide you to find a way to balance it all out. I am totally not saying it’s easy, but once you get the groundwork down, set a schedule, and stay organized, you can definitely do it!

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