My First Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! I will be celebrating my first Mother’s Day this year, and I am very excited about that. It has definitely sunk in that I am a mom now, and as silly as that sounds, it took months for me to stop saying “I still can’t believe I am a mom!” I’m sure I’m not the only one out here thinking that. It’s crazy to think how you are in charge of everything in this tiny humans life, and you’re solely responsible for raising them and teaching them all the things to become sweet, respectful humans in this crazy world. My life goal is to provide Brooks (and if I have future children) with a full life. I want him to see the world, have adventures, learn to cook ;), be surrounded by good hearted people, and the list literally can never end. There are so many things I love being about a mom, and so much that I have learned! I definitely can say that we have come a long way from the NICU days, but everyday is still a new learning day.

Before mom life, I always thought about what kind of parents we would be. Strict or laid back? Would I catch on to all the things? How do I be that young “cool mom?” Will I ground them as much as my mom grounded me? (LOL sorry mama!) If I had a daughter would I be all up on her shit because I’ve been there done that kinda thing. If I have a boy, WTF am I going to do?! (I have 3 sisters, and Matt only has 1 brother. The boy gene just didn’t seem possible haha) But now that Brooks is here, GUESS WHAT!? NONE OF THOSE QUESTIONS ARE ANSWERED! (except that he’s a boy and I think I know what I’m starting to get myself into haha) I don’t think anyone, no matter what, is prepared for their first child. It’s something so new, so raw, so special, and hard! Coming home the first day with Brooks was definitely scary. I remember not wanting to leave the hospital in a weird way. We were I the NICU for 30 days and got so used to that routine and having the doctors help us with anything right there ant then. So bringing this baby home, for us to figure everything out was pretty damn scary. We take it day by day, and try to learn what is best for our baby, rather than comparing to others. Yes, I read blogs, listen to my doctor, etc. Who doesn’t do research? BUT, every baby is different, and you can’t expect your own to do something they are not ready for.

A few things I have learned over the course of motherhood aside from specific baby things are: 1. Make sure you and your partner are a TEAM. I can’t imagine if we split up roles, or if Matt relied on me more to handle all the baby things because I’m “mom.” That wouldn’t sit right with me. I think it’s so beneficial for both parents to be involved in every aspect. I’m not saying neither one of you shouldn’t have your “thing” with the baby, that’s totally fine! Just make sure you are both on the same page, and are involved. 2. Set aside time for YOU, MAMA! Girlfriend, you were just pregnant for 9 months, and then gave birth. Make sure to set aside some time for you to do what makes you happy. I personally love once a week getting into my beauty routine and just spending time doing some extra self-care! 3. Don’t be scared to schedule DATE NIGHT at least once a week! If you and your partner are not getting along, it will reflect on your household whether you want to believe that or not. So set aside some time, and spend quality time together. You both need to continue growing a healthy loving relationship for your family. 4. Start FAMILY TRADITIONS. We are still in the works on getting our family tradition down, but we continued our little tradition we have every year with Brooks! It’s silly, but Matt and I have always watched the Grinch, every xmas eve, we do not watch it at all until that night. Last year, we watched it with Brooks asleep in his bassinet, and it’s something we hope to do forever. 5. Get out of your comfort zone, and MAKE NEW FAMILY FRIENDS. I love that Brooks has a few little baby friends already! I feel like making new friends is already a struggle for me, but I have really been pushing myself over the last year to do so for Brooks. After I had my first baby play date, it made my heart so happy and I was proud! It’s very easy to put off, but trust me, just do it.

I love motherhood so far, and I think it’s THE MOST rewarding thing in the world. I went through a huge life adjustment over the last couple years. I got married, and quickly after that I left my full-time job to be my own boss, then found out I was pregnant at the same time, moved, and then had the baby. My world was rocked for a good year, and I struggled, but nothing was more rewarding than knowing each day was accomplished with the baby. Newborn stage was rough for me, but I got threw it and found my groove these last months. But when Brooks smiles, or does something he’s excited/proud of, MY HEART MELTS. I would die for this kid and I swear I’m not letting anyone off around with him haha. I don’t want this sweet baby phase to ever end. It’s truly my favorite and he’s my absolute best friend.

I hope you all have an amazing Mama’s day! It takes so much hard work, patience, love, dedication and self sacrifice to be a mom. It’s a wonderful thing, and the most special gift in life.

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