Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s my FIRST Mother’s Day this year, and even given the circumstances with everything going on, I am so excited. We planned to celebrate by going to Cabo and taking Brooks’ on his first vacation, buuuut that’s clearly not happening anymore. But all I care about is being with my baby and hoping he gives me all the cuddles that day. We will be at home this year, and hoping the weather is amazing to do some backyard BBQ and hangout in our Minnie pool. (Nothing like a good ol’ trailer park style backyard BBQ haha)

Anyway, here is a gift guide for all the Mama’s out there. I think this has truly been the time where everyone has realized, including myself, the day and life of stay at home moms. It’s 100% a full time job, and I have so much respect for all who do this. I have learned how to manage my daily schedule at a level I never thought I would have to over this quarantine. BUT, it’s taught me a lot more patience, and that I can actually juggle it all, but damn do I miss some alone time and a little self pampering haha.

  • Mason Grey LA Robe: This has been on my wishlist for a long time now. I heard the fabric is so soft, and the quality is fantastic. Now that we are in quarantine, this seems to be a pretty good gift!
  • Egg Chair: I finally got my egg chair a couple weeks ago!!! I have been wanting this for a good two years, and let me tell you, it was worth the wait. It is the perfect seating for our patio and literally fits ,myself, Brooks and Matt inside! So comfy and worth the $$$. ( PS. It’s on sale for $400 now)
  • Our Place Cooking Essentials: I love being in the kitchen, and this has been all the hype. I love a good nonstick pan and not to mention it’s very pretty to look at!
  • Coffee Table Photo Album: I think this is the perfect coffee table edition. I love getting photos printed and sticking them inside albums.
  • Tie Dye Set: This small business J Bee Boutique has the CUTEST tie dye pieces, and they also sell matching styles for you + the baby.
  • Facial Steamer: After I got mine, it’s a definite can’t live without. I love sitting in front of this after a good deep cleanse during some “me time.”
  • Nude Beach Bath Soak: This just made me feel like I am on vacation, and let’s be real, we all wish we were on one right now right?
  • Dream Weaver Soak Salt: I have gifted this quite a few times and everyone loves it! Comes in a decent size bag too, so it lasts a long time.

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