What I Want – January List

I’m finally back and ready to blog my life away! This is actually my first complete 2020 blog post, aside from my New Years Resolutions post which I began writing at the end of December. I have some really great ideas to share with you all, and to start it off, here is one – “January Faves.” You will see this style blog post occur at the end of every month, which is a simple post written up of all the things I loved throughout the month. I will keep them pretty short and simple in hopes it answers questions I received throughout the month. They can be on products, outfits, baby things, food, etc. I am creating these posts for you to pretty much shop my life, and see what I am loving and that I want to share! I get asked for links all the time, so at the end of every month I will take all your questions into account and add what seemed to be most appealing to you all.


  1. Nespresso Vertuo – I had an older version that was not a Vertuo style machine, and WOW huge difference. I use to only be able to make Nespresso shots, and now the new pods, I can make all sorts of coffee drinks. The pods are also sooo much yummier. Worth upgrading if you do not have a vertex machine. I’m honestly mad I didn’t go with that originally. 
  2. Nespresso Frother– You have seen my morning coffee rituals, and it’s very clear how necessary a milk frother is.
  3. 2020 Planner – I don’t know how people stay organized using the apple calendars. I need to physically write and plan my days out. So every year, planner shopping is SO EXCITING!
  4. Phone Case – One of those things you don’t NEED unless you upgraded like I did. I added this to show you my new phone case that I am in love with! I customized it from Casetify, and had ‘Brooks’ put on it.
  5. Fanola Products – I am soo picky with my hair products because my hair is fragile AF. BUT, wow this Italian line is a dream. I am using their regular shampoo + conditioner, the orange and the purple shampoos, and am loving it. Every product smells SO DAMN GOOD TOO. 
  6. R+CO Powder Dry Shampoo – I am over spray dry shampoo. I’ve never found one I loved, and always resorted back to baby powder haha. I know, so old school. So when R+CO sent over this product, I was so excited to try it out, and it 100% won me over. If you have never tried a powder dry shampoo, give the one a shot.
  7. R+CO Shine Oil – For years I was a Moroccan oil girl only. I finally branched out this year and tried the R+CO hair shine oil and was very amazed. It’s lighter than the morrocan oil one which I am digging, and does the job great! I love that a little goes a long way, and it smells amaze.
  8. THIS WORKS Pillow Spray – I am so happy I found this hiding in my office. We spray this almost every night now to get a good relaxing vibe to get a good nights sleep. Such a good night stand essential.
  9. Ember Mug – I have been using mine for the last couple years, and it is still a ride or die. Especially if you work from home, this is so good! Stops the multiple trips to heat up your cup of joe.
  10. Superga Platform Shoes – I call this my “cool mom shoe.”
  11. Laneige Lip Mask – I’m a DIE HARD aquaphor girl, and my cousin recently showed me this and holy WOW. Try it out!! The Vanilla is my jam.
  12. Barefoot Dreams Blanket – BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER. We use it everyday in bed, on the couch, everywhere!!
  13. Shades of Nature Diffuser – Finally upgraded my T.J. cheap diffuser and got this beauty. Really makes a great room decor piece too! It’s currently sold out, so keep your eye out!
  14. Aroma Tech Santal Oil – If you like earthy smells, you will LOVE this. Our home smells so heavenly. Smells exactly like my Le Labo perfume.
  15. Gorjana Engraved Bracelet – They have so many great engraved pieces ideas! I just got myself the beaded bracelet and engraved “Brooks” on the bar. I’ve noticed that I am totally that mom haha. 

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