2020 New Years Resolutions

Another year, another new list of resolutions. Personally, I love making resolutions. I don’t make crazy resolutions that I know just won’t happen. I keep them pretty simple and attainable. The purpose of my resolutions is to help keep me continue to keep on track. I learn different things about myself every year, and find myself picking up good and bad habits along the way. There are some bad habits that happen way too frequently, and those are what I normally set my New Years resolutions around. I plan to continue my organized life, so making resolutions is something I’ve always felt helps! I don’t make these list to bullshit myself, I actually stand by them throughout the entire year. I print them out on a little paper and set it in my office. 

Enough with my rant, here’s my 2020 New Years Resolutions! What do we have in common? 


  1. Clean Car – I cannot continue going into my car everyday disgusted. I will clean out my car once a week, and get a car wash. What I take in there in the morning, I’m going to try my best to take out at the end of the day. 
  2. Laundry – If I put in a load, that load will be folded and put away immediately.
  3. Nail Situation – I need to groom myself better. Say goodbye to seeing my nails look six months grown out all the time. 
  4. Cooking – Once upon a time I was a damn good cook. Before I was pregnant, you always saw me in the kitchen. The grocery stores were my happy place haha. I will start cooking lunch and dinner meals everywhere again. At least three!
  5. The Blog – Write one post a week! 

Mama Life

  1. Read a book to Brooks once a day. I want him to love books just as much as his mama!
  2. Support my husband on all of his hard word. I’m definitely learning this balance of work vs. home time and it’s been hard. 
  3. Take Brooks to more of his dad’s baseball games. It’s a win win – family time plus getting Brooks exposed to his future life haha. 
  4. Continue date nights. I think it’s important to maintain your relationship with your significant other outside of parent life. 
  5. Record Brooks milestones in his book right when it happens! I’ve slacked and I want him to have a nice filled baby book to look back at. 

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