Dried Floral Giftwrap

Another year of extra af gift wrapping. I like to think of my gift wrap as the more the merrier! I love receiving pretty gifts and packaging, so this is the time for me to put all of those creative notes I took throughout the year, and put it out there.

This years gift wrap theme is incorporating dried florals. You all know how obsessed I became with dried floral this year, thank you Shop Three Sparrows. Give me allll the pampas!!! But I love how low maintenance they are, and how much of a variety there was. I used to only think the only thing dried was my dead baby breath haha. Dried floral is also my color vibe 100%, so that plus my neutral gift wrap paper (no reds allowed) is the perfect combination. I just can’t with the crazy Christmas wrap. My husbands hates that, but I told him he can buy his own then. Sorry!

I will link the Christmas wrapping paper that I bought from Target, and find as similar ribbons as possible. I bought mine from Homegoods, so I cannot provide a direct link. If you need dried floral, honestly, go cut some pampas grass, some are sold at Homegoods, Michaels, or order from ShopthreeSparrows! I purchased the little mini ornaments as gift tags also from Homegoods, but I know you can find them at Target.

My strategy was to ribbon the boxes freely. I kind of went about each box differently, just to change them all up and be unique with each one. There is no correct way on how to ribbon them, IMO. After the ribbon was done, I would cut up some dried floral and create a mini bouquet out of them, and tie it together, and put it in the middle of the ribbon. That created the presents little centerpiece. Then write their names in sharpie on the ornament, and tie the ornament to the centerpiece, and you’re done!

If any of you end up using my dried floral gift wrap technique, please tag me so I can see all your holiday cuteness!!! Happy Holidays babes! Happy wrapping!

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