Transitioning into Motherhood

It has been four months of motherhood now and I feel like I’m ready to share my experience on being a new mama! It’s an incredible amount of work to say the least, but I’ve never felt more proud of myself. The last four months have gone by way too fast, I can hardly believe it. I thought time flew by fast pre-baby, but that is an understatement. The “newborn” phase went by SO freaking fast, and given Brooks was a premie we had a little extra time with that phase! I’m soaking every second of it up because he is changing so much every single day. He’s growing so fast and progressing in all of his leaps, it’s amazing to watch. I never want that baby smell to go away, or his teeth to come in haha. I know that may sound a tad odd, but I love him exactly the way he is right now, he’s perfect. I remember during the first month, Matt and I talked about how exciting it’s going to be this year for Christmas, and it’s weeks away! We are loving having Brooks around for the holidays and creating new family traditions and making new memories with him.

The whole transition from entering mommy world, and to navigate back into my norms was very challenging. Everything is new and I’m learning how to maintain everything while being a new mom as well. With my job being so freelance, I’m pretty much all over the place so getting back into work was a struggle. My outlook on life has changed completely, and I just want to be the best mom and wife I could be. I’ve become very picky with certain things, when I used to just say yes to everything. I’m learning what is important and what’s not, and to do what makes sense. I don’t want to sound selfish, but it’s my reality, and I want to make the best decisions for my family and myself. I learned I can’t say yes to everything, and to do what’s necessary and important. I want to stay as stress free, so that I have a good attitude around Brooks. I don’t to bring home any bullshit. This boy is going to be raised in one happy and loving home, that’s the goal.
When Matt first went back to work, I wasn’t working yet. I wanted to stay home with Brooks and spend some quality time together. What I thought was going to be pure bliss, was honestly the hardest week of my life. I learned quickly that I am too much of a hustle and bustle girl, that I couldn’t be a stay at home mom. I learned the household would be better if I was able to get out and work 2-3 times a week just to get that creative energy flow out of my system. With that time away from Brooks, I have become sooo much more patient with him and if I have to listen to him scream for an hour (which doesn’t happen because he’s an angel haha) I could do it and not want to crawl and hide. That was definitely one big learning experience for myself.

When Brooks was 3 months old, I officially went back to work. I do work from home which I’m so thankful for, because if I have a long night with him, I don’t stress about being in an office at 9am and being restless. But I am strict on not sleeping in unless absolutely necessary, like I’m getting sick or something. Getting back into the swing of work was exciting though. I felt like I needed to put some makeup on, get dressed up, see people, etc. So Brooks gets babysat by one of the grandmas 3-4 times a week. I actually want to thank you all for the sweet and encouraging compliments that I have received about getting back into the swing of work. I am very proud of myself, and love to be able to do the things I love and being a mama.
Before we started having the grandmas watch Brooks, we worked on his schedule for a good month and a half and made sure everyone knew the drill. I think that was the smartest thing we did, because Brooks is such a good and easy baby. We pretty much know how the day is going to go, when he’s going to wake up and when he’s going to bed. We are still working on the dinnertime situation, because we miss cooking, but it’s coming together. Getting Brooks on a schedule also helped with his sleep. He’s the BEST sleeping: Last bottle at 9:30pm and wakes up at 6:30am. I will get into detail on his sleep routines in a separate blog post. But if you want to know your windows of opportunity to get things done, I highly recommend getting your baby on. A schedule. For us, it’s been so helpful!!

The last part of transition, which is the most important, is the help/love/support from Matt. We’re both first time parents and experiencing all these new firsts together. It’s safe to say, being first time parents is fucking hard. There’s so much information, and so many new concepts to learn. We’re raising a HUMAN, that’s crazy. I feel like we are learning about each other in ways we never imagined. Our marriage is taking new directions and testing us in new ways. We personally feel like our parenting tactic is to get to know Brooks better each and every day. That’s how we can figure out what his expressions may mean, what he likes, what makes him comfortable, what makes him happy, what his body language means, and so much more. We’re figuring it all out along the way, and I couldn’t ask for anyone else to do this with.
Life as I once knew it, will never be that way again. It’s the truth. A lot of things have to wait off, dates can’t just be spur of the moment, a lot more planning out our schedules, and vacations are somewhat on hold. But it’s all 100% okay, and I am sooo okay with it. I love this new little family we have, and our lives just got more exciting!

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