A Weekend in NYC

So I know I have written a blog post on New York before, you can check it here: NYC Girls Trip: 3 Day City Guide. BUT, here is another extension blog post to my love for the city. This post is based on my last trip just a week ago, where Matt and I went for our one year anniversary. I don’t need to get into too much NYC details, but I will list all the new places we discovered for you to check out on your next visit to the city. We had such an amazing time, even though it was a little hard being away from Brooks for that long. But I think it was good for us and our marriage getting away. We have had an insane past year, with constant life changes going on. So going back to the city where it all started two years ago when Matt proposed, was exactly what we needed.

We normally stay in Midtown, but after so many NYC trips, we decided to step out of that area. We stayed at the Moxy in East Village. It was SO great! Honestly, my favorite hotel so far that I’ve stayed at in the city. I wrote an entire blog post on the hotel, so you can read it here: The Moxy Hotel ~ East Village.

I am a total city girl, but only during this time of the year. When all the holiday movies come on, and the weather starts to chill, my inner city girl comes alive! I honestly think going to the city right before Thanksgiving is going to be my new things. It honestly helps me mentally prepare:

1. I get so excited for the holidays after being there.

2. I get the Fall feels with their amazing weather.

3. It’s a trip to have fun and be stress free before the holiday craziness!

Matt isn’t a huge city guy, and he honestly just goes along for the ride with me haha. He hates the cold for the most part, so he’s a huge troop.

We discovered a whole bunch of new places this time around, so here they are:

  • Ruby’s Cafe – East Village
  • Saltwater Coffee – East Village
  • Bar Primi – East Village
  • Emily Pizza – West Village
  • Cotenna – Soho
  • Uncle Boon’s – Nolita
  • Nom Wah Tea Parlor – Chinatown
  • Peachy’s Bar – Chinatown
  • Sunday in Brooklyn – Brooklyn
  • Butler – Brooklyn
  • Misi – Brooklyn
  • Bluestone Lane Coffee – Everywhere
  • Jajaja – Greenwich Village
  • Thursday Kitchen – East Village

If you are like myself, and loves to feel the seasons, has a dream to live in the city, and gets crazy busy during the holidays, plan your next trip to the city at the beginning of November. I come home so refreshed and ready to tackle all the things, and am in the most FESTIVE mood! Happy holidays everyone!

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