Best of Fall Style

I couldn’t wrap my mind around writing this Fall outfit post until the weather actually started to cool down. But now that it’s beginning to dip down a bit, and that it’s NOVEMBER (insane) I am here for sweater weather and all my hot drinks! Since I live in sunny SoCal, my Fall style is definitely catered to less layers, and cooler pieces. It’s never blistering cold here, so you won’t see scarves wrapped up to my neck, beanies, or big ass fur coats. Even though, that is my favorite way to dress for Fall, it’s not realistic where I live. So this post is designated to a much simpler Fall style with only essentials that I think your closet must have, and what I think is cute. 

I’m going to break this post up in sections: Tops/Bottoms/Sweaters and Jackets/Shoes. Everything will be linked for you! These are all pieces I either own, or planning to get to gear up for Fall. I hope this helps your next shopping trip!






I hope you all love this Fall wardrobe guide! I pretty much own all of these pieces, and live in them. As you can see, most of these pieces are pretty basic. But if you look at my IG and you can see I am all about basics. I love throwing in a good cute ruffled dress or top to feel girly here and there, but I live for all the basic tees and cut up denim jeans! Tag me in your fall outfits that are inspired by me, I would LOVE to see what you put together after shopping my guide! Happy Fall shopping everyone! Sorry in advance for breaking your banks…

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