10 Tips for your Next LB Flea Market

After sharing my last Long Beach Flea Market day on IG last month, I had so many questions about where I was and where all the goodies were from. I LOVE when you all engage and ask me questions, etc. It’s what helps me going and continue to find new topics to write about! 

So let’s talk about the Long Beach Flea Market, and I will give you a list of 10 tips to help your next market experience! It gets held every third Sunday of the month at Vet’s Stadium in Long Beach, CA. It’s a pretty big flea market, and has everything you would expect. From antiques, vintage furniture and clothes, decorative furniture, floral and plants, rugs, pillows, etc. There are a TON of vendors, so make sure to not dive all into one booth right off the bat. I love this flea market for so many reasons. The main reason is it being SO close to home. I think the vendors here are almost just as good as the Rosebowl Flea Market in Pasadena. I do love a good Rose Bowl day, but the Long Beach one is a lot smaller and easier to maneuver around. Here are my 10 tips to help you on your next market!

// TIPS //

  1. Wake up early and go! I was there at 7am last time and it was amazing. It wasn’t hot yet, all the vendors were just finished setting up and their booths were STOCKED.
  2. Follow @longbeachantiquemarket on IG so you can watch their stories on vendors that will be there. Then follow the vendors that interest you, and keep up with their stock updates and where their booth will be located.
  3. Come with a good bag to put your purchases in, or if you are doing bigger purchases, something to roll your pieces out. 
  4. Bring cash! For multiple reasons. You can bargain a bit, they don’t normally go too low, but cash is helpful. If you pay with cash, you avoid taxes. 
  5. Ladies, bring a small purse, or wear a fanny! When you start buying shit, you will def run out of hands. 
  6. Go with someone who encourages your purchases. There aren’t many times I would say that, but at Flea Markets, you usually don’t see these pieces again. If you bring someone who will hold you back, you may regret not buying that later.
  7. Go with some idea of what you are looking for. I found that to be key on my last visit. I was eyeing booths more specifically to get the job done faster.
  8. Have a BUDGET. You can honestly get sucked into paying more from these people, but know if it’s not in your budget, better things will come. It wasn’t meant to be…go to home goods after haha. That is what I did! 
  9. Just because you are at a “flea market” doesn’t mean things are cheap. It’s almost opposite. BUT, you can definitely score some deals. I scored on the cutest rattan decor piece for $1 last time! You just have to really hunt and have a good eye.
  10. Bring water! Sounds lame, but you’ll thank me later.

Hopefully some of these tips help you out, and give you some groundwork of what to expect. There are always new items from all the vendors, so I hope you discover new artisans and brands that fit your style and make you continue to come back for more. If you are headed to tomorrow’s market, 8/18, I may see you there! I would love for you to tag me so I can see what goods you score!! Have a great weekend guys!


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