Palm Springs Getaway

One of my favorite getaways is the desert! Palm Springs isn’t a far drive at all for me, so day trips or weekend trips are always a go-to. After this past year, I feel like I have officially gotten the Palm Springs area down, to where I could share my insight and give recommendations for you all if you are planning a trip here.

I will break this down into different sections: Places to Stay, Where to Eat, What to do, What to Pack. Over time, I will continue to add to this blog post after a trip if I feel like there is more to show you all! Please note – Some of the recommendations I am adding I haven’t stayed at/tried but have heard AMAZING things about it and have visited the property etc. 

Places To Stay

Girls Trip! Theme: Bright and Colorful

  1. Sands Hotel and Spa: This was my most recent stay that you guys saw. The dreamy PINK hotel that I blew up my Instagram with, this is the one! It’s a Moroccan themed hotel, and was seriously the cutest ever. It’s a pretty new hotel! Cabanas, lounge chairs, day beds, you name it, they have it. 
  2. Riviera Palm Springs: This is a fun and peppy hotel, with all of the beautiful wall art and bright colors. They have a restaurant, “Gypsy Rose,” I heard is a must try!
  3. The Saguaro: You have probably seen this hotel so many times. It’s the hotel that has all the colorful painted buildings- Red, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Blue, Green, etc. This hotel has a very fun pool life, and they host pool party events throughout Summer. 

Family Friendly 

  1. Parker Palm Springs: This is a dream hotel. It’s pretty large and newly renovated with villas and suites that will accommodate the family comfortably. This hotel is definitely more upscale, and the rooms are literally pieces of art. There is a delicious restaurants on property, famous one is Norma’s and go for brunch! 
  2. Marriott Desert Villas: One of our families are Marriott Time Share owners, so we have stayed here multiple times. With multiple families and young children, this is a good choice! It’s not a trendy Palm Springs hotel, but in my opinion it’s the most family friendly. The pools are huge, with waterslides and activities for kiddos, misters around the pool with lots of shaded areas, rooms are big with pull out couches and a kitchenette. 
  3. Renaissance Indian Wells Resort & Spa: My husband grew up going to this hotel with all of this friends and their families. He always said it was so much fun for them, and the pool was huge! That is definitely what all kids are into, so if you have teenagers, this seems like a great place! 

Romantic Getaway 

  1. Korakia Pensione Palm Springs: The dreamiest boutique hotel. It’s a very intimate, quiet, and beautiful hotel. They have Mediterranean and Moroccan style villas that are very spacious. We haven’t started here but know a few people who have, and LOVED IT. We are trying to plan a trip here before the baby comes! 
  2. L ‘Horizon Resort an Spa: Another place to stay on the list! I love the modern decor and natural light that the rooms in this hotel has. The rooms look SO spacious, and you can have your own private pool as well when booking one their house suite. We are dying to visit this property.
  3. La Serena Villas: Another hotel I have yet to stay at but on my list to visit! It is a beautifully designed hotel with villa style rooms. The rooms are spacious, and decorated so cute. 

Fun Properties

  1. Ace Hotel: This hotel is always a good one. It’s cute, trendy, and fun! It is near downtown Palm Springs so there are plenty of food and shops to go visit. This is where that famous “DRUGS” sign is at! 
  2. V Palm Springs: Loved this gem! Not too big, but was just the perfect hotel for a little quick getaway. The pool has a great bar, The Elixir, and the rooms were very accommodating and new.

Where to Eat/Drink

  1. Azucar – American –  Lunch, Drinks, Happy Hour
  2. The Pink Cabana – American – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Drinks
  3. Norma’s – American –  Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Drinks
  4. Rooster and the Pig – Vietnamese American – Lunch and Dinner
  5. Birba – Italian – Lunch and Dinner
  6. SO.PA – Middle Eastern – Lunch and Dinner
  7. The Purple Palms – American – Lunch, Dinner, Drinks 
  8. Felipe’s – Mexican – Lunch, Dinner, Drinks
  9. Kreem – Ice-cream
  10. Koffi – Coffee
  11. Raw Remedy – Juice & Bowls

What to Do

  1. Visit Hotels – There are so many cute places to check out and eat at!
  2. Shops in Downtown Palm Springs
  3. Moorten Botanical Garden
  4. Greater Palm Springs Shopping Center
  5. El Paseo Drive – High End shopping 
  6. JUST EXPLORE! So many fun places to see, cute neighborhoods, fun places to eat. You can never go wrong.

What to Pack

  • If you are headed there in the Summer months, it is HOT! Like VERY hot. So pack lightly! If you plan to be pool side and eat local and small, you really just need suits, sunscreen, tanning oil, and a few casual outfits. If you plan to explore and go to cute hotels and restaurants, I would pack a couple cute outfits to make sure you get all the pictures.
  • In the Winter, it gets very cold! Especially at night, so pack warmer outfits for sure. 

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