Mid Year Catch Up

How in the world is it already halfway into the year?! It’s been event after event for us over the last couple years, and we’re ready to sloooow down. We got engaged November 2017, married in November 2018, and this past January we found out I was pregnant! As crazy and somewhat stressful as it has been, I wouldn’t trade it for the world, but that also means slowing down is not an option anymore. I asked Matt how he felt about our lives, and he said this was his plan two years ago when he proposed. We talked about when we wanted to start having kids, so this was was our plan, but holy moly time really does go by so fast. 

Any who, I wanted to write a little 2019 mid-year check in post for you guys! There has been a ton of changes in our lives, which you have seen through IG. We moved into a new home just about a month ago, and still settling in. RENTING, WE DID NOT BUY A HOUSE. But we have already learned so much about how much maintenance a house requires. We decided to rent this house, over a town home that we loved, even though this house is more dated. We knew we would appreciate the space, our own garage, a backyard, etc. for when the baby comes. A lot of people think we have been doing a huge remodel, but we truly are doing little things on a budget to improve our living situation just to make it enough of a comfortable living for our lifestyle. Trust me, I wish I can tear walls down and start from scratch, but that day will come eventually. This move has been a long one, and lots of work. Our family has helped us SO much I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful I am for all of them. Everyone helped out in so many ways, we are so fortunate to have the best parents and grandparents ever.

We have officially started on the nursery! After a battle of the room style, wall colors, color scheme, etc. We agreed to keep it warm neutral colors- rust, cream, tan. We accidentally painted part of the wall pink, whoops! Trial and error baby. I can’t think of what the theme of the nursery is just yet, but once I really figure it out I will share!  I will definitely do a nursery tour and blog post on all the details when time gets closer and it’s finished.

I am still working, trying to hustle out all the bracelets for my jewelry line, KYSS Bracelets. I’m hoping to have a full stock just sitting in the office so when the baby comes, I can still fulfill orders until I’m back for holiday season. For the blog, I am still working on new posts, and what I can do to stand out from the rest. My goal is to start working with more baby lines and open my reach to that part of the industry. I’m so excited for baby boy to be here so we can attend all the fun baby events. I’m hoping to get some filming done and get the youtube channel going and start on more IGTV and maybe some lives?! Let me know your thoughts on that!

As far as the pregnancy, everything is still going smoothly. I hope my delivery is as easy as this pregnancy has been going. I am that lucky person who never felt sick, never threw up. Maybe having a boy is why? I’ve heard that could be it. The only thing that is unfortunate is how fast I started to show and how early I popped. A lot of people think I’m like 28-30 weeks and I’m really only 26. For this baby being my first, my body still changed sooo fast. I’m SUPER uncomfortable, back kills 24/7, my stomach is beginning to itch, and my linea nigra is getting darker and the belly button is popping out! So much change in the body happening, it’s such a crazy thing to experience. We feel baby boy kicking aaaallllll the time! I don’t think he’s ever asleep. As far as cravings, I don’t think I really have developed any still. The only weird thing I always want to drink is sugar juice, so my mom brings me that on the reg. My next appointment this month I will be taking the glucose test and getting some blood work done. This will be my 6 month check up! 

I’ve been asked if we are going on a baby moon a lot, and the answer is yes. We definitely want to take our last little trip just the two of us. We haven’t decided where we want to go, but I know it will be in driving distance. We are headed to Hawaii at the end of June, and I already know that I will not want to get on another plane after that trip. I will also be 30 weeks when we get back, so we want to stay pretty close to home. It will be a short weekend baby moon! If you know anywhere good for a weekend getaway, please send recommendations!! 

As far as my New Year Resolutions have been going, I can say I have been keeping to them pretty damn well. I’m most proud about not having the laundry basket ever over the top filled, sounds dumb, but trust me it would get out of control. Still cooking home cooked meals a lot, and exploring new recipes. Spending so much quality time with our family, it’s almost weird if we don’t see them on the weekends. One thing we are lacking on is having date nights, but our schedules have seriously been so crazy. We normally end up spending nights off working on a new project at home. It is insane how much maintenance a house is, I would never have guessed! Granted, we did move into a fixer upper so we are handling a lot off the bat, so transitioning certain things to make it less maintenance is our key.

Set – Elison Rd.
Hat – Lack of Color

I have so much to share with you all still, and will break them up into separate blog posts! Stay tuned for a home tour before and after, bump style outfits, things I’ve been loving lately, and some videos on beauty! I hope you all are having an amazing year so far, and getting shit done! You’ve got 6 more months to go, and just a few more months until holiday season!!! By then, I’ll have a child, wtf! Thank you all for all the love and support, I love hearing from you all everyday. 

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