Bora Bora Honeymoon

I literally cannot believe I didn’t write this sooner. Truthfully, I thought it was up this entire time, so I’m sorry on my behalf on keeping this trip such a secret! Our honeymoon to Bora Bora in the French Polynesia was the absolute dream and trip of a lifetime. I hope this blog post does it’s justice on explaining to you just how magical this place was, I know the pictures will 😉 I still dream about it all the time. There is so much to tell you, so this post will be a bit lengthy just so that I can give you all the details from traveling there, what to expect, how to pack, language/money, food, and our hotel stay. 

What to Expect 

Everything you see in pictures is what you get. This place is so vibrant it’s got a natural glow to it. I’m not kidding either! The water literally looks like it’s glowing, the sand is soft and white, the weather is amazing (get your tan on), the mountain views, all the sunsets, I can go on and on. You won’t need to pack much either. I definitely overpacked, and hardly ever wore makeup. Bring a few good dresses to take cute insta worthy pics, but really, you will be living in your bathing suit and just need a comfy dress for dinner! Doesn’t need to be fancy, unless you make reservations at a nice restaurant. Everyone spoke english for the most part, so communication wasn’t difficult.

If you’re looking to relax, this is the place. We knew coming here that were were NOT going to book any excursions, tours, etc. We purely wanted to relax. After the most hectic year of planning a wedding and then the entire wedding week, we were ready to unplug. We had time to catch up and talk about life, listen to music, read good books, and enjoy all the alone time. You are really secluded being on a hut, there’s not much mingling with your neighbors happening. I would suggest to bring a deck of cards for some extra entertainment, because you do need to come up with your own itinerary. 

BUGS. There are lots of bugs! I will say I walked out with only a few mosquito bites, but we brought insect wipes and I lathered my body in that every night. Lots and lots of lizards. This was the trip that I learned how I HATE lizards and all insects for that matter. I literally found a lizard in my over water hut on my clothes casually on the coffee table. MURDER. Yes, they’re harmless I know, but I just don’t like them! 

PRICEY. Very. Pricey. Nothing about this trip was cheap. Plan ahead and save more money on top of just buying the trip itself. I want to say a cocktail was like $26 dollars. A beer was $14? It was crazy pricey. Go crazy at the Tahiti airport and get some bottles at Duty Free that will last you for the trip! Pack snacks you love from home, just to have around. Their is a main island but the trek there IMO wasn’t too easy and there’s nothing to do on that island either. Few good restaurants, which we tried! But I wouldn’t do that again, so much hassle haha. I preferred our reservations at other hotel properties where our hotel boat takes you there and picks you up whenever you need. They do have a different currency, so make sure you grab some cash out at the airport for tips, etc. We payed with card at all the restaurants.


Traveling there isn’t the easiest, if I must say. I think bringing young kids would be difficult, but still doable. There is no direct flight to Bora Bora, you land on the big island of Tahiti. We flew out from LAX on Air Tahiti, and it’s an 11 hour and 10 minute flight to Papeete airport, which is the big island of Tahiti. From there you would take a smaller plain to Bora Bora, which was only about an hour flight. BUT, you are on a smaller plain, so keep that in mind! The airport in Tahiti is a really small airport, and there is not much to do at all. 

When you land in Bora Bora, it’s another small airport. Basically it’s like a giant landing dock. You don’t land in a city, the airport is it’s own little island. From there, you jump on a boat that connects you to your hotel. Whatever hotel you are staying at, they will have their boat waiting for you, and everyone else who landed and is staying at the same resort. There will be a helper there to guide you, it’s not confusing. All your luggage will come with you on the boat as well. It’s a BEAUTIFUL boat ride, and that begins the whole start to your trip. It was perfect! 


We stayed at the Le Meridien, and it was an amazing stay. The staff was the sweetest, and most spoke english. This property has the option to stay in the over water huts or in a villa on their private lagoon. We wanted best of both worlds and tried both! The bungalows looked exactly like the over water huts. Except the balcony lead to the lagoon rather than your private balcony over looking the ocean. If I had the opportunity to go again, I would definitely stay a full vacation in the overwater huts. It was so peaceful waking up to the ocean and seeing their magical sunsets at night. There were also less bugs being on the water! 

Our hotel had three restaurants, one was more of an outdoor bar/lounge. Still kid friendly! But it was in the middle of the entire property overlooking the island. We had dinner and or drinks here one or two nights. The other restaurants were great! We ate on the property all but two nights, and everything was delicious! One of their restaurants switched their dinner menu every night, which we loved so we weren’t eating the same dishes all the time. The main restaurant did the same, but it was buffet style so options were always endless. Their breakfast was buffet style as well, so you were always eating something new! Fresh juices made at the juice bar, I lived for that. I was so sick the first four days of the trip, and I never felt screwed by food choices. Even though I ate fruit almost half the time, it was so delish! 

We had the trip of a lifetime and hope to come back one day. I dream of this place all the time, it was so beautiful. Can’t wait until the day comes where I’m packing up and getting ready to stay in my overwater hut again, drinking a sipping on a fruity cocktail, eating on the beach, and tanning all day long! 

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