Brand Design by Tatiana Soash

I have been following Tatiana Soash for a while now, basically stalking all of her design inspo. Everything she creates is my style and 100% fits my vibe. Her free hand lettering designs are AMAZING. That is what really caught my eye, and got me hooked on her designs from the start. I knew at one point I wanted her to create some magic for me. I have been going through some blog changes, and wanting to rebrand. My vision was to have all of my social media platforms be cohesive with one another, and definitely to create a new logo. 

I finally took the jump, once I saved up some $$$ to hire Tatiana to design a few things for me. My “Deanna Page” logo designed all by her! She created a mood board, and gave me options of color schemes based off my color choices. The process is SO easy with her! I also really trusted her because all of her work is amazing, I knew I was going to love everything. She created a few logos for me to use, that all look very similar to one another so that my branding is cohesive and flowed together. I think having cohesive branding is really important, and also helps your social media platforms look more aesthetically pleasing. Here are the logos that she created!

So besides having a new beautiful logo, I wanted my Instagram highlight stories to go with my branding too. I was creating them myself, and that was a huge mess, so Tatiana saved me. She created highlight stories that match the same style as my logos. I wanted the free hand written design, instead of icons for my stories.  Here are the beautiful highlight stories she created for me! 

What I really love about her is how personal she makes the experience. She made a trip down to me, and we met and had breakfast while going over the designs. I loved being able to meet her and chat about other things in life, rather than just pure design talk. She’s so sweet, and I think having someone create something for you that’s representing you, helps when you actually know the person. She is SO creative, I will forever want to learn her skills. She has different packages for you to choose from, and she really executes everything so perfectly. I will  continue to keep using her for all design purposes. If you are a blogger, own a business, need help building media kits, or anything design, REACH OUT TO HER! She will make sure to create something you are just as excited about, and she will work with you until the end. Who doesn’t want to make their brand more aesthetically pleasing?! 

Find her on Instagram!


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