First Look

A lot of people are still 50/50 on whether or not they want to do a first look or not. I honestly don’t think there is a right or wrong answer, it’s about what you feel is right on your special day. Matt and I decided to do a first look for a few reasons. 1. We are both nervous wrecks, and knew we wanted to ease the nerves just a bit before the ceremony. 2. We thought it was a really special moment that we wanted to share. 3. We got married in the Fall, and the sun was a huge factor on our timeline. So to get all the pictures in, etc. we needed all the light!

Before officially deciding that we were going to do a first look, I had asked around to see what people thought. I was curious to know what the pros and cons were so that I can really figure out if I wanted to do it. It is a huge decision, and it’s a newer thing that people have started to do. I was definitely all about tradition, and wanted THE moment he saw me first was when I came down the isle. But, I was open to the idea, and after hearing all the good that came out of it, I was happy with our decision. We both still felt the butterflies, I was still so nervous for him to see me, and walking down the aisle was JUST as scary and exciting as I imagined it would. So, I don’t think the first look defeated anything at all! It was such a special moment that we shared, and shortly after got to share with the entire bridal party.

We didn’t exchange vows beforehand, but we did read letters from one another that brought us both to tears. We practiced reading our vows as well, and that was the HARDEST. Reading your vows the day of out loud to practice, in my opinion, was the hardest. I was bawling! I was already so emotional and my own words brought me to absolute tears. The videographer and photographer were there capturing the moment for the wedding video and they were all in tears too. It’s funny because I was a mess pre-ceremony vows, and Matt was completely fine. Then once the real ceremony hit, he was ALL tears (so damn cute) and I was completely fine!

At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong to choosing to do a first look or not. It’s going to be just as special no matter what you both decide! I can’t imagine my day going any differently, and I was really really happy we did what we did! It worked perfectly for us, and I think you and your fiancé should do what you feel is right.

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