Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas

It’s basically one week out until Christmas! I can’t even wrap my mind around how this season totally snuck up on us so quickly. I seem to be saying that every Christmas, and I’ve been told this is what happens the older you get! 

Even with all of the Holiday craziness, I stuck with my goal from last year to do a cute and cohesive gift wrapping this year! This is definitely something Matt was never a fan of, he loves all things red and green, the bright type that just makes your eyes open immediately when you see it haha. I am not typically about that. I love neutral colors, light and airy. I do all the decorating at home, and he loves it, so he’s slowly learning my taste isn’t bad and it’s low-key what he likes too. So basically with gift wrapping, I wanted it to match our home this year and have some cute and unique gift wrapping! So, if you haven’t started your gift wrapping just yet, here are some ideas for you!

We even went as far to create our own gift tags for each present! We cut up card stock and painted random brush strokes all over the tags, and that was really fun and they turned out (most of them) SO cute!! It was also a fun little craft we got to do together while drinking our usual salted caramel hot chocolate from Trader Joe’s.

Very neutral colors and my “pop” was finding foiled lettering on wrapping this year
TIP: Find wrapping paper with grid lines! Helps SO much.
Gift wrap from Target 

I got all of my inspo from Pinterest! Here are some more ideas following the same color scheme I went with.

I hope this gives you some ideas to help you get more creative on gift wrapping this year or for the next years to come. I had a lot of fun getting crafty this year and making each gift unique and different from the others. It also makes for a pretty tree 😉

Happy Holidays! 

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