Wedding Series: Bridal Shower

When I walked through my best friends gate to my bridal shower, I was DEAD. I couldn’t believe what I was walking into. The vision Brenna, grams, my mom, and Matt’s mom was absolutely amazing. It was bohemian desert dream!


I wasn’t completely part of the planning process, but they did need my input on a few things: time, date, food, theme. I wanted it to be a brunch bridal shower so we can have a variety of foods and do a mimosa bar. For the mimosa bar, we had a variety of juices, and then the bellini’s from Trader Joe’s! (So deslish! They are my FAVORITE!)


Here is a break down of vendors they used! If you live locally in SoCal, these are all vendors you can use.

  • Alex Party Rentals 
    • White bar
    • Tables & White Table Cloth’s
    • Umbrella’s
    • Gold Forks
  • Pink Napkins
  • Wild Child
    • Balloon Arch
  • Bohemian Peacock Chain from Elison Rd.
  • Sweet & Saucy
    • Desserts – Cake pops, cake
  • Porto’s Bakery
    • Appetizers & Food (They Cater)
      • Cheese Rolls, Potato Ball, Cheese & Spicy Peppers Potato Ball, Porto’s House Salad.
  • Floral
    • Enchanted Florist in Los Alamitos
IMG_0487 2

Now there’s always games played at the bridal shower, and we picked two to play! The ones we chose were “Would She Rather” & “Bride or Groom.” You can find so many templates online! Here are the two we used:

This was a lot of fun to play, and when reading the answers out loud, it was really cute to hear everyone screaming out answers, it was a sweet moment for sure. They had Matt answer the “Bride or Groom” game too see how well our answers matched! He won that test 😉

One more sweet idea Matt’s mom had was to print out memory cards for all guests to write their favorite memory with me. You can either choose to make this as a game, and you have to pick who you think wrote it, but I didn’t do that. I wanted to be able to read these after the shower, honestly because I’m sure some of these memories would be TOO horrifying to read out loud haha. I was definitely right on that! This idea was so great! I loved going down memory lane and reminiscing on the good ol’ days.

Memory Game

Well now that the bridal shower is over with, I’m totally getting all the wedding feels again! We are close to a month out, and I CANNOT be more excited. I felt like a princess on my bridal shower, and being surrounded by people who love you is the best feeling ever. Seeing all my girlfriends and family all together made my heart so happy. We definitely had a couple moments, where we thought “holy shit, I’m getting married!!” but those happy tear moments made it more memorable. I feel so lucky to have all these special ladies in my life.


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