Farmer’s Market Haul

When Sunday’s stumble around, you can bet you will find me at the farmer’s market! Not just because of the free samples, but that definitely plays a part. I go to the one right down the street from my home in Belmont Shores, CA – Marine Stadium Farmer’s Market. It’s the perfect little market that has all the fresh produce and fruits, snacks for your home, juices and coffees, cooked foods, plants, fresh blooms, every now and then there are a few home good vendors, and small artisans selling their curated goods!


I decided to write this, because I do get a lot of Q’s on where I get some of the yummy food inside my fridge! If you’re able to locate any of these items at your local farmer’s market, TRY THEM! These vendors probably think I’m crazy, especially my hummus guys, because I literally go back every Sunday. Here is a little haul on my go-to Sunday farmer’s market trips!




+ Avocado Oil 

+ Sconeage Bakery – Granola, cookies, scones

+ MOM’s Specialty Foods Hummus

For produce, these are the normal items I restock on every week! 

+ Tomatoes

+ Basil 

+ Mozarella Cheese

+ Bread 

+ Green Onions

+ Yellow Onion

+ Brown Eggs

+ Fruits – depends on my mood

All of these makes for the perfect ingredients in your fridge and pantry for delicious meals! Most of them are so great because I can use them for fast and easy dishes whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I will be writing another post using my farmer’s market haul items to create those fast meals. Stay tuned!


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