Redecorating with Mayumi-Ko

Lately I have been really into redecorating our home. I’m always trying to change things up and move them around because I’m in constant need of change, but this time I was focused on our walls. It’s been about a year now looking at the same wall, and some of the items hung are even from our last apartment. I NEEDED CHANGE!! I found the cutest print artist – Kaitlyn owner of Mayumi-Ko. I have had the pleasure to meet her, and she is seriously the cutest and sweetest soul. Her creativity is fantastic, and her style is what I’m into. My fav part is that she is all handmade in my hometown, Long Beach, CA.

So, when I was looking at a few of the walls in our home, I just couldn’t handle it anymore. It was so not my style and just needed a big time freshen up. I wanted some prints and wall art instead of the endless amount of photos in a frame. Mayumi-Ko has some of the cutest print outs that I found to re-create my new living room and office walls.

I wanted more simplicity, but with a touch of some color art pops! I took down some of the canvas’ and picture frames and replaced with some of her prints and a fresh new framed photo! It’s so much cleaner, and I like the light and airy colors on my wall so much more.

IMG_4061Frames are from, Homegoods & Aaron Brothers.


Prints I chose on Mayumi-Ko:


I hope you all get some wall inspiration from the cutest gal, Kaitlynn. Go check out her website and get your new prints to make every inch of your home/office etc., dreamy. Use discount code: “DEANNA10″ to get 10% off your purchase!

Also enjoy her totes, tees, and my favorite the Mayumi-Ko mug!

Happy shopping & redecorating!!

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