Moving into my DREAMY Shores Apartment!

After 3 years of living in a small 1 bedroom apartment in Belmont Shores, this past Summer, Matt and I finally were ready to move into a bigger place in the heart of Belmont Shores! We found our dreamy and cozy 2 bedroom apartment!!! After viewing about a million apartments down here, and weighing out the pros and cons of each place, this one was the closest to perfect, and we couldn’t say no! It’s honestly a struggle finding the perfect spot in the shores. Do you want your own parking space? What about a garage? Can you have a pet? Are you going to be neighbors with loud party college students? There are juts SO many questions, SO many decisions, and SO many compromises. We wanted to find the perfect place, and we did! Right here on the streets of The Toledo and Corona.

Get ready for a little overload on my move into the new pad and where I shopped to get all my furniture, room decor, etc. Moving isn’t fun unless you get to recreate an entire new home, am I right?! I really wanted to make this cute apartment homey, our last apartment was cozy and yeah our home for 3 years, BUT it never was my vibe. So here is a little tour of my sunny shores apartment! All products will have a link straight to the product, or where the product was from.

Living Room

One SUPER important thing I was looking for when moving was making sure there was natural light. I wanted to be able to have some pretty greens light the plan up, but they need lots of natural light to stay alive! The one crappy part we had to suck up (after looking up if we can pull it out of the wall haha) was the wall heater. WHO NEEDS A DAMN WALL HEATER IN SoCAL?! Yeah, don’t get me started about all the heaters in this place…



Dining Room / Kitchen 

With apartments, dining room areas and a good kitchen are hard to find. Most of the time, there’s not really both! But I must say, we got lucky in our apartment and got a pretty great setup! Since we don’t have a huge space, we made the most of what we have 🙂 For apartments, I do highly recommend having an area where you can display a good bar area. Whether it’s using a bar cart, or shelf, it makes the space feel less “apartmenty.” I learned that from our move! Having a good display 1) makes the area look put together 2) more spacious. If I had the choice, I would turn our white wall into a white tiled wall, or some type of neutral cool tile! That will be the dream one day, but for now, as a renter, this pretty white wall will do! We haven’t quite decided what to put on it, or whether or not we should keep it simple and blank, so any suggestions I’m totally open too! I’d love some creative ideas. Also, almost all my kitchenware is from Target!



Office Room

The main reason we moved into a 2 bedroom was because we both work a lot from home, so of course we created a little office for ourselves! I have been dying for my own little office space in my home so that I don’t have to work in the living room and take over the coffee table with my beads, etc. So this room we transformed!IMG_6712



I oddly wanted to keep my bedroom simple. The natural light is all I need. It’s a small space, so I just wanted to keep it as spacious as possible! The fiddle tree in the corner is my baby. It adds the perfect liveliness touch to the room! I love big wall art for small rooms because it makes the appearance of the room look much bigger.



So far, I love my little shores apartment. It’s the perfect size, for now, and I look forward to creating so many amazing memories. I also help this gave you some tips on finding home decor pieces, and how to decorate your cute apartment!


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