Matcha Latte! Hot or Iced

If you don’t already know, or can’t tell by my instagram stories, I LOVE MATCHA. It’s basically part of the waking up process for me. I have been going to Starbucks to get my venti iced green tea latte, but not anymore! Bye spending $5 everyday at Starbucks.

Before giving you the super quick and easy Matcha latte recipe, I’ll give you a little inside on how amazing matcha is for you! I always wondered what that green drink people ordered at Starbucks was, and when I finally tried it for the first time I fell in love. It looked good, but tasted even better! I didn’t know what matcha really was and then I did a little research. Matcha is a very rich antioxidant. One scoop of matcha is ingesting an entire leaf of green tea. It boosts your metabolism, burns your calories, provides balance and calmness, provides vitamin C and polyphenols, increases energy levels, clears up acne, and boosts your memory! I can honestly go on and add another 100 reasons why matcha is SO good for you.

Matcha provides caffeine for you, so don’t worry about not getting your morning fix in. The caffeine content is actually just as high as a cup of black coffee! It just doesn’t have you crashing at the end. It provides a good caffeine high that keeps you calmly more alert, and not get the jitters!  One more bonus is that you don’t get the stinky coffee breath!

Besides drinking matcha, you can use the powder for so many other things! People use it for baking recipes, pancakes, smoothies and more!

Enough about all the things to love about matcha, here is your quick and easy recipe!


What You Need:
    1. Jade Leaf Matcha Green Tea Powder
    2. Celestial Seasonings Matcha Green Tea Latte Concentrate
    3. Coconut Oil
    4. Simple Syrup / Sugar
    5. Milk, your choice!  Personally I love mixing coconut milk & soy milk.
Extra Add Ons for an Even Tastier Matcha!

Coffee Bean Vanilla Powder
Moon Juice – The Full Moon Dust Sampler Box (12 Individual Sachets)

Directions: For a 16 oz. drink
    1. Pour 1/2 cup of Celestial Matcha concentrate
    2. 1 scoop of matcha powder
    3. Mix together until powder is dissolved
    4. Add a splash of simple syrup…or the Coffee Bean powder 2 scoops
    5. Moon juice / coconut oil 1 scoop each
    6. Add in ice for cold latte (or blend) / heat up milk for hot latte
    7. Pour 1 cup of milk over ice / pour hot milk over green tea mix
    8. Drink up and enjoy!



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